The World Alliance for Innovation (WAINOVA) was created in 2005 and brings together 28 of the major Science/Technology/Research Park and Business Incubator associations throughout the world creating a network of networks.

MISSION: To contribute to the world's economic and social development by promoting innovation, technology transfer and the establishment of technology- and innovation-based companies

The alliance links these key organisations and thus provides a global connection between their respective membership bases, offering opportunities for collaboration and networking.


  • Foster innovation, technology and knowledge transfer, and the creation of innovative companies.
  • Cooperate with other organisations and international institutions that have the promotion of economic, scientific and technological global growth amongst their objectives.
  • Encourage the creation of new science parks, technopoles and innovation-based business incubators, facilitate their networking and promote the establishment of the best management practices.
  • Increase the efficiency of the work carried out by all the organisations that participate in the alliance.
  • Distribute the benefits of this collaboration amongst the members of the organisations that participate in the alliance.
WAINOVA DECLARATION of its nature, aims, membership and representation.
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WAINOVA INNER RULES for members and participants, membership rights and obligations.
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