Posted 12 September, 2012

WAINOVA now has 28 members!

WAINOVA has just welcomed its 28th member, the Russian Union of Innovation and Technology Centres (RUITC). RUITC was created in 2001 and currently consists of 27 (soon to become 31) innovation centres, and science/technology parks. They have support from: the Ministry of Science and Education, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovation Enterprises, Russian Venture capital Association, Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support, and the Russian Transfer Technology Network, amongst others. 

Among the projects being implemented by the union, the focus is on those that are aimed at enhancing the collaboration between European business incubators and innovation centres. One of such projects is in collaboration with fellow WAINOVA member, EBN (the European Business Innovation Centres Network).

They have recently initiated the project 'Gate2RuBIN' (Gate to Russian Business and Innovation Networks) which was successfully selected by the European Commission for participation in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program (CIP).

This project aims at assisting the development of business and technological co-operation between SMEs and R&D organizations and universities from Russia and the European Union, contributing to their capacities for competitiveness . The total number of members in their consortium is 100 innovation centres and 400 universities and research parks in 50 regions of the Russian Federation.

We welcome RUITC to WAINOVA and look forward to collaboration with them in WAINOVA projects in the future.