Anprotec impulses the Brazil-Mexico Cross Incubation Programme. A new joint programme that searches for innovative ventures and Brazilian innovation environments in the Agtech and Foodtech sectors.

The programme will consist of the engagement of Brazilian startups in the Mexican innovation ecosystem and the immersion of Mexican startups in the Brazilian innovation ecosystem. The objective will be to support the development and expansion of the international businesses of Brazilian and Mexican companies in the Agtech and Foodtech sectors.

The programme focuses on offering selected startups privileged contact with the innovation environment of each country as an exercise dedicated to accelerating the internationalisation of products, processes and services by innovative companies.

Up to five innovative ventures from each country that are in the scaling phase and operating in the Agritech and/or Foodtech sectors will be selected. Each startup can indicate up to two representatives to participate in the programme, one of whom will be in charge of presenting the pitch during the programme.

Up to three business generation mechanisms (company incubators or business accelerators) will be selected (company incubators/business accelerators) structured to foster a culture of internationalisation and business generation in the areas of Agritech and Foodtech, in order to support Mexican companies.

The programme is carried out and promoted by Anprotec, in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil in Mexico, the Institute of Innovation, Science, and Entrepreneurship for Competitiveness, of the Government of the State of Guanajuato of the United Mexican States “IDEA GTO”, and the Brazilian Support Service to Micro and Small Companies (SEBRAE), with the support of the Innovation Diplomacy Programme (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

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