ETHIACK, a startup incubated by IASP member UPTEC, has been selected as the sole Portuguese company among 17 others to participate in Google’s Growth Academy: AI for Cybersecurity program. Specializing in continuous offensive security testing powered by AI, ETHIACK offers a platform that swiftly identifies vulnerabilities in real-time.

The recognition comes as ETHIACK’s AI-driven platform demonstrates an impressive 99% accuracy rate in identifying vulnerabilities and recommending corrective actions. Over the course of three months, the program will provide valuable resources and expertise to startups leveraging AI technology for responsible growth and innovation in cybersecurity.

Through the program, founders will gain insights into internationalization strategies and have the opportunity to collaborate with Google experts and external consultants in workshops focused on strategy, sales, and partnerships.

Jorge Monteiro, CEO of ETHIACK, expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity, highlighting its potential to accelerate the company’s growth and amplify the impact of its cybersecurity solution. He emphasized the significance of pioneering AI-driven solutions in enhancing safety for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

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