Science Parks of Wallonia

The Basque Country Technology Park Network, made up of Alava Technology Park, Bizkaia Science and Technology Park and Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park, is a veritable ecosystem of scientific and technology knowledge and development that groups 511 businesses, research foundations and innovation centres, with large corporations and start-ups. 22% of businesses based in the park (114) have emerged thanks to the support and monitoring of the incubators and elkartegis [public undertaking that plans, builds, conserves and manages business, social and sports infrastructures] of the Basque Country that channel the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of the younger members of the population who strive to creative innovative businesses. In 2016, park network businesses invested more than 40% of total spending on R&D of businesses of the entire Basque Country (EUR 494 million per year) with a turnover of EUR 4,633 million. The Alava, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia Technology Parks employ over 16,100 people, in total.

The managers of the Walloon science parks, members of SPoW network, and the associated research intitutions signed a specific QUALITY CHARTER on November 2007, recognized by the International Association of Science Parks. By doing so, they committed on the respect of quantitative and qualitative measurements of the concentration of high-tech activity in their parks, the technology transfer and networking-boosting dynamics offered, and the availability of specific infrastructure for the development of high-tech activities. This quality approach gives to the Walloon science parks worldwide credibility not only through the profile of their tenants (high-tech industrial and scientific competences and skills), but also through the added value (services and facilities) that the parks offer to boost the development of innovative technology businesses.

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