With science parks on every corner of earth, now is the time to take them into space! The George Washington Carver Science Park will allow  scientists and industry experts share findings, collaborate, and use new technologies to advance both scientific and commercial endeavors.

The GWC Science Park, established by Nanoracks, is the world’s first in space and is currently operating on the International Space Station. However, it will soon become to core science element of NASA’s Starlab commercial space station that expects to be operational in 2027.

The GWC Science Park will have state of the art facilities including a biology lab, plant habitation lab, physical science and materials research lab and an open workbench area. It will also support the work of universities, startups and non-profits, providing them with unique expertise and knowledge.

“The George Washington Carver Science Park, whether on the ISS or future privately-owned space stations, will meet the most exacting industrial demands while serving as the latest spool of thread weaving our common dream of the space frontier together,” said Nanoracks CEO Jeffery Manber.

To learn more about this project, click here.


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