The partnership between Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and the Brazilian public health research institute Fiocruz marks the launch of a cutting-edge research center at UFRJ Technology Park, an IASP active member.

This new research facility aims to develop innovative health technologies tailored to meet the needs of Brazil’s public healthcare system, Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS).

Romildo Toledo, Executive Director of UFRJ Technology Park, highlights the significance of the Fiocruz research center within the park, stating, “This initiative should considerably enhance public health efforts in Brazil. By focusing on key areas such as pharmaceutical equivalence, pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutical micro and nanotechnologies, we aim to revolutionize the development of more effective medications.”

Roberto Medronho, Rector of UFRJ, emphasizes the vital role of the healthcare sector in driving social progress, noting its substantial contribution to the country’s economy and workforce. With an expansive area covering 4,849.40 m², including a sizable private space of 1,870.00 m², the newly established research center is set to become a hub of innovation within the UFRJ Technology Park.

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